About Us

About Of Kangaroos

Welcome to the celebration of colors at Kangaroos.

History Of Kangaroos

Kangaroos is non profitable organization.

Objective Of Kangaroos

Kangaroos intends to help the needful & set a platform to display ones art & creativity via organizing All India Art competitions.

How to conduct competition at your School premises

  • The Art Teacher / Event Co-coordinator has to announce about the Coloring, Handwriting, Essay writing, Greeting Card, Cartoon Making, Mehandi Making and Cartoon Making competition to the students
  • Collect Rs.30 for each competition individually from the interested students.
  • Among the total collected fees, 20% amount is to be used for school expenses (Photocopies, courier charges etc.)
  • Art Teacher / Incharge has to distribute photocopies of drawing paper (picture) to the students according to their group.
  • Competition is to be conducted in school premises only.
  • An Entry form is attached has to be filed and sent along with the competition paper.
  • The remaining 80% amount is to be sent to us either by a DD (Demand Draft) or can be directly transferred to the Organization’s account.
  • Make sure that the DD(Demand Draft) is sent in the parcel containing competition papers and entry form, if the amount is transferred to the bank account kindly attach the copy of Bank Receipt with the parcel.
  • The Parcel can be sent via Courier or Post to our Organization.

Platform for students

Kangaroos gives students a big national level platform to portray their creativity in terms of writing in different form, coloring & handwriting etc. In order to boost their work of creativity we at Kangaroos give them different types of attractive gifts & certificates which give them enthusiasm to come ahead & show their artistic talent. The gifts are being divided in to three parts, where we awards the winners as per their talents & creativity shown in competitions.

About the competition

Criteria to participate at Kangaroos are for the students from Jr.Kg to 10th std, so we focus on motivating more participants from the mentioned standards only. As they are the one who will be running our country tomorrow, so we boost them to come out from their shell & explore the creativity & make the change. Its€™s not the winners whom we think of & motivate but also the participants with the certificate of Kangaroos, stating their participants in national level competition.

Help us to help other

We know that the population of India is around 1.27 billion, among which maximum are poor & underprivileged who cannot even complete their basic education & take a stand for themselves in future. We at Kangaroos raise fund via collecting a nominal entry charges from the participants and donate the raised fund at orphan age & old age homes, to serve them a bit as a social cause from Kangaroos family where you are also a part of.

Recognition to school, principal and art teachers

We also consider school's participation for Kangaroos & also the respective principal and art teachers whose co-ordination & hard work towards making this event a hit. For their incredible support we have trophies for the schools even they can enjoy the event & get good prizes. As we know no prize no gifts can be worth of the creativity but just as a symbol of love from Kangaroos & as a motivation for the principal, art teachers & schools we awards them too with the trophies & gifts. We tend to be very much updated with our schools which are a part of our Kangaroos family that's the reason we keep them updated with the happenings and also greet them always with best wishes.


The event is very well known among all the participant schools where they treat Kangaroos as a celebration event & conduct at their premises with all joy & happiness. It also gives a feel of team spirit among both. The students and their respective teachers both to conduct this event.

Our journey and coverage

We are glad to inform that Kangaroos have succeeded to get attention from Delhi to Kanyakumari, wherein we have tapped more than 25 states with more than 1lacs schools participating across India, who celebrate Kangaroos event at their school every year.

Vote of thanks & support

We are thankful to you once again because of you Kangaroos has become possible & we look forward to have more bigger families which will include all the schools of India.